Health for your skin

5-step routine to take care of your hands


It is time to be at home and go out as little as possible, yet we must wash our hands regularly to maintain a good hygiene. Soaps and sanitizing gels tend to dry out our skin, so we must be aware and not forget that our hands need all our attention.

Just as we care our faces' skin every day and use specific products, we must pay attention to the skin on our hands. Don't wait until they are dehydrated or strained to act! Take advantage of this moment to take care of them the way they need. How can you do it? We explain you how to do it in 5 simple steps.

1. Regularly clean them in depth

Even if we're tired of hearing it, we need to use the right products to keep our hands clean and help reduce the risk of infection.

To do this, we recommend you use our Dermaseptic Soap, the perfect product for situations of increased risk of infections. Contains active ingredients that help to limit the proliferation of microorganisms, as well as body odour.

2. Moisturize them to keep them always soft

Just like your face, you must moisturize your hands daily. Although they may not appear dry, hydration is essential to maintaining the skin of your hands healthy.

Use oil-rich creams such as the Emollient Cream with Omega 3, 6 and 9 and Shea Butter. It will help relieve itching, irritation and tightness.

3. Protect them from the sun

It may seem illogical if we have to be at home, but no matter how many times we go out, express trips to the supermarket or a short walks with our dog are enough to make the sun's rays damage our skin.

Apply Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 50+ to your hands every time you leave the house, so you can keep them young and healthy.

4. Use soft soaps to not damage their Ph

If we are at home all the time, it is not necessary to wash our hands continuously with antiseptic action soaps.

We can combine them with softer soaps that do not alter the PH of our skin. To do this, nothing better than our Oil Soap, which in addition to soothing the skin, its high oil content will act as a repairer for your hands.

5. Repair them while sleeping

As we sleep our skin regenerates faster. If you use night creams for the face, why not do it with your hands?

Repairing Hand Cream is the ideal product to finish this easy 5-step routine for perfect hands.

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