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Atopic Prone Skin


What is Atopic Prone Skin?
Atopic Dermatitis (AD) is a chronic and reoccurring inflammatory skin condition, characterised by intense itchiness, eczema and dry skin. Its origin is multifactorial and isassociated with genetic, immunological and environmental factors, as well as a defect in the skin barrier

How does it evolve?
It evolves with periods of crisis (outbreaks) that alternate with periods of improvement. The duration is long, although benign and not contagious.

It is frequent?
The affected population is growing, increasing year after year. 2 out of 10 people suffer from this disease at some stage of their life and in more than 80% of cases it appears before 5 years old.
It is more frequent in industrialized countries as it is related to lower environmental quality.

What is the cause that originates it?
The cause that originates it is unknown, but it is known to influence genetic, allergic factors and changes in skin hydration.

These are certain trigger factors for atopic flare-ups, such as:

  • Extreme temperature changes (cold/heat/humidity)
  • Environmental pollution.
  • Allergens present in the air.
  • Micro-organisms (S. aureus)

Tips to increase the quality of life:

The best treatment is prevention, which is achieved by restoring the skin balance. However, it is also important to know that emollient care, including both the hygiene phase and moisturising, is the first therapeutic option in preventing flare-ups and restoring the skin barrier.

Hygiene and daily Body Care

  • The daily bath should be short, 5 to 10 minutes, and with not to warm water. Avoid using bath sponges.
  • Soap must contain a high percentage of emollient oils as this counteracts dry skin.
  • After bathing, the skin should dry gently, patting, without rubbing with the towel.
  • Then, apply in the dry areas, with moist skin, always an emollient cream that provides lipids and nutrition, and reapply when necessary.

Healthy Nutrition

  • Essential oil acids (borage or evening primrose oil, primrose and flaxseed), ensure the skin cohesion and softness, maintaining its hydration.


  • Wear loose and breathable linen or cotton clothes. When washing clothes, use neutral soap and avoid fabric softeners.
  • Avoid synthetic fabrics and wool as they are potentially irritating.
  • Irritant Agents.
  • Avoid the accumulation of dust, properly cleaning carpets, curtains, etc.
  • Avoid contact with irritants or animals with a lot of hair or feathers. If it is not possible, wear gloves.
  • Avoid sleeping on foam mattresses or pillows.

In BABÉ we propose a specific and daily treatment that provides solutions to the Atopic Skin of babies and children, as well as adults. Its products adapt to the needs of the skin to recover its optimal hydration, help break the itch-scratch cycle and reduce the use of corticosteroids.

Oil Soap

Water-free concentrated formula, enriched with Omega 3, 6 and 9 that help maintain the skin barrier.

Emollient Cream

Moisturiser enriched with Omega 3, 6 and 9, that helps maintain the skin barrier.

10% Urea Repairing Lotion

10% stable Urea with a pleasing scent.

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