Dermocosmetic Active Ingredients

Bakuchiol: The new natural retinol for vital and healthy skin


Perhaps the word Bakuchiol might sound like Chinese to you right now, but don't be surprised if you start hearing it frequently from now on and even incorporate it into your vocabulary when referring to cosmetic issues. While it is true that retinol has been the fashionable cosmetic active for some years now because of its effective way of slowing down skin aging, bakuchiol, also known as the new generation of vegan retinol, does not come up short and has come into our lives to stay.

The history of this powerful active ingredient has its origin in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine where they started using it some decades ago. Bakuchiol is a naturally occurring active ingredient obtained through a process of extraction from the babchi plant or psoralea corylifolia. Unlike retinol, one of the great benefits of backuchiol is that it is highly tolerable in sensitive skin.

Among its many benefits, its high antioxidant power and its stimulating action of collagen synthesis that helps improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin stand out. In addition, its corrective action, prevents and corrects wrinkles, as well as unifies the tone and provides luminosity to the face.

So does bakuchiol replace retinol?

It does not have to replace it completely, each active ingredient has its properties and benefits, so the important thing is to know what our skin type needs. Retinol is an active ingredient with great benefits scientifically proven that correctly formulated and with a proper use can significantly improve the appearance of the skin. Bakuchiol, with similar benefits to retinol, has the advantage of being more convenient for sensitive skin that may present irritation and low tolerance to retinoids.

Healthyaging+: the best option to combine these two active ingredients

Healthyaging+, the new line from Laboratorios BABÉ, is a synergy between the most effective and guaranteed cosmetic ingredients and the most innovative ones against the signs of aging and their prevention, combined in formulas that respect even the most sensitive skin.

With this permit, the Healthyaging+ line incorporates active ingredients such as bakuchiol and encapsulated retinol for corrective and preventive action against cell damage and ageing. At BABÉ Laboratories, we have combined these two powerful active ingredients, combining all the power of Retinol, in this case encapsulated, to avoid its side effects, with Bakuchiol. A perfect combination for rejuvenated and healthy skin.

We invite you to know all the line and its benefits by clicking here. Don't forget the importance of knowing your skin type and its needs in order to choose one product or another and create the perfect treatment.

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