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Can I use cosmetics these days? Here are our recommendations


At this time, it is normal and logical the amount of questions and theories about the spread of viruses, how long do they stay in everyday objects and utensils? should we take specific precautions depending on one object or another? what about cosmetics? is it safe to use cosmetics during these days? The answer is simple, there is no problem in using cosmetics daily, as we always do, but we must follow some guidelines to prevent contamination of our products.

It is very simple and we tell you how to do it so that you can continue using your cosmetics safely.

It's better to use cosmetics in a tube or with a dispenser 

This way we make sure we only take the amount of product we need without touching the rest. In case you have to use cosmetics or creams in jar format, just make sure you wash your hands well and use a spatula or a stick to take the product you need, this way you will avoid that the cosmetic inside the jar gets contaminated.

Once you have finished applying the product, remember to throw away the stick, do not save it for the next time as it may be contaminated. If you use a spatula, after use remember to wash it with soap and water to remove any residue of the product and any other residue or particles that may be left on it.

Say goodbye to the sponges

Whether you use sponges to wash your body or face, or use them to apply your make-up, we advise you to stop. Sponges are not recommended at all because when they get wet, they can generate bacteria. We recommend that you use your hands to apply your cosmetic products, both on the body and on the face, to avoid contagion.

In the case of cosmetic applicators such as brushes or electronic devices, you can use them without problem as long as you can wash them well with soap and water after each use. This is another alternative if you don't like to use your hands to apply your products.

Clean your brushes often 

Few people are in the habit of cleaning and disinfecting the brushes used to apply cosmetic products, however, it is essential to disinfect them often as they are a source of bacteria. Ideally, now and then, our brushes should be cleaned once a week with alcohol or a solution of soap and water. To dry them, there is nothing better than letting them dry in the air. Once they are dry, they are ready to be used again.

Finally, we recommend you routines that moisturize your skin on your hands and body, as well as your face. If we talk about cosmetics that we should use these days, we certainly recommend all those that help in your daily hygiene and in the subsequent hydration of your skin. The abuse of hydro-alcoholic gels to maintain an intensive cleaning, and spending a lot of time in closed and heated environments, cause an excessive dryness in the skin. Therefore, we recommend the following products to continue caring for your skin during these days.

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