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Delicate and Sensitive Skin


Sensitive skin reacts with discomfort against different external and internal stimuli that occur normally and do not generate any effect on other skin types.

Sensitive skin can be recognized by the following symptoms, which can present different degrees of severity:

  • Redness
  • Tingle.
  • Tightness.
  • Burning
  • Itching

What causes skin sensitivity?

The different stimuli that, isolated or combined, can cause skin sensitivity are:

Piel Sensible y Delicada

It should be noted that both the skin of children, due to the lack of maturity of their structures, and that of the elderly, due to atrophy secondary to aging, are usually more sensitive.

Chamomile: the response to sensitive skin

Piel Sensible y Delicada

These functions are the result of the joint action of the following components that are part of the Manzanilla (Alonso J., 2004) *:

Piel Sensible y Delicada

This potent soothing action of Chamomile makes it an essential asset in the dermocosmetic treatment of sensitive and delicate skin.

* Alonso, Jorge. Treaty of Phytopharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals. Barcelona: Corpus, 2004, p: 719-25 (633.8 ALO)

BABÉ solution: Binomial Hidra-Calm.

En Laboratorios BABÉ te proponemos el tratamiento corporal Hidra-Calm ya que cuida la piel y le aporta confort durante todo el día.

Está compuesto por dos productos formulados específicamente para la piel sensible: el Jabón Hidra-Calm que limpia suavemente y respeta el equilibrio natural de la piel, junto con el Fluido Hidra-Calm que calma, hidrata y reduce la sensibilidad.

In Laboratorios BABÉ we propose the Hidra-Calm body treatment since it takes care of the skin and provides comfort throughout the day.

It is made up of two products formulated specifically for sensitive skin: Hydra-Calm Body Wash that gently cleanses and respects the skin's natural balance, together with Hydra-Calm Body Milk that soothes, moisturizes and reduces sensitivity.

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