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Demanding Hygiene for your skin: the best barrier against viruses


Demanding hygiene for your skin: the best barrier against viruses

Fear spreads faster than infections. The worldwide alarm regarding the well-known Corona Virus, already baptized as COVID-19, has triggered the panic of millions of people around the world who live in fear of the possibility of contagion from this virus born in China.

Despite the seriousness of the issue; there are already more than 10 confirmed cases in Spain, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health can remain calm and follow the recommendations to prevent infections. 

The generic measure recommended by the authorities and health specialists to protect ourselves from these types of infections is to follow frequent hand hygiene, especially after direct contact with sick people or their environment. It is essential to avoid direct contagions since the hands are the main vehicle of microbial transmission.

For this specific type of body hygiene, at BABÉ we recommend washing your hands with our Dermaseptic Soap, especially indicated for intensive hygiene in situations of increased risk of infections.

BABÉ Dermaseptic Soap is formulated with active ingredients that help limit the proliferation of microorganisms, such as Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol. This soap is ideal for situations where an antiseptic action is needed to help combat the proliferation of bacteria on our skin. In addition, its composition ensures an ideal physiological pH that does not alter the skin's natural defenses and protects it from possible infections and external aggressions.

BABÉ Dermaseptic Soap is the perfect product to use in your daily hygiene routine, especially in situations like nowdays, where it is necessary to maintain more rigorous hygiene to prevent infections. Its use is very easy, just apply it to damp skin and remove with water. Its dermatologically tested formula ensures softness and comfort on the skin without drying out, so we encourage you to use it daily. Find it in at your nearest pharmacy!

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