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Dermatip: What does mature skin need?


You have probably heard countless times about mature skin and the many treatments and products available exclusively for this type of skin, but do you really know what the term "mature skin" refers to?

Normally one tends to associate mature skin with that of an older person, however, this is not necessarily correct. Mature skin is a skin condition that depends on each person, especially on factors associated with one's genetics and on the exposome which is responsible for 75% of skin aging. This includes external factors that are part of our lifestyle such as solar radiation, pollution, smoking, climate, diet, stress and lack of sleep.

Taking this into account, only 25% of skin aging is related to genetic factors, the rest, a very high percentage, is in our hands. That is why when we talk about mature skin, we must consider the particular situation of each person.

What does this type of skin look like?

Mature skin, in general terms, tends to have a diminished functional capacity and is much more exposed to exposome (environmental factors). Among its characteristics are:

- Dry and rough ppearance to the touch, with visible wrinkles, a certain yellowish shade, pigmentation irregularities.

- It usually presents lack of elasticity, flexibility, tonicity and luminosity.

- It tends to be more fragile, scars worse and its blood capillaries dilate more, giving rise to couperose (the well-known "little veins").

What are the needs of mature skin?

Once the appearance of this type of skin is known, we can say that mature skin needs deep nourishment and hydration, as well as immediate comfort that eliminates tightness and dryness. People with mature skin will appreciate providing density and volume to the face and will prioritize the contribution of luminosity over the treatment of wrinkles and expression lines.

Mature skin routine

At Laboratorios BABÉ, we recommend caring for mature skin with specific products that provide a solution to the above-mentioned characteristics. To do this, following a basic facial care routine based on cleaning, treatment, hydration and protection, we recommend cleaning the face with a Bi-Phase Micellar Oil and applying the Multicorrector Eyes and Lips Tensor to reduce gesture wrinkles and provide luminosity and firmness. 

After this step it is necessary to moisturize the skin with a specific product such as the Multi Action cream that provides the necessary nutrition, immediate comfort and restores density and luminosity to the face. Last but not least, we must protect the skin from the sun's rays when we go outdoors, with a product such as the Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ Light Texture.

It is important to know our skin type in order to choose the right products in our daily face care routine. Taking into account our personal situation, the factors that affect our skin and the needs of our skin are essential to have a vital and healthy skin at any age.

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