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Did you know that the Exposoma is responsible for 75% of skin aging?


We are not wrong when we say that "the face is the reflection of the soul" since our state of mind is reflected as a mirror in our face and our skin. And we are also not wrong when we say that "the skin is a faithful reflection of our life" since maintaining healthy living habits are key to maintaining healthy skin. 

In fact, we know that genes control 25% of the aging process, leaving the remaining 75% in our hands. That 75% corresponds to external factors that we can control in our favor and that are part of our lifestyle, which we call exposome.


Recently, 7 external exposome factors have been identified that affect skin aging (Krutmann et al., 2017). These factors are solar radiation, pollution, tobacco, temperature, nutrition, stress and lack of sleep. 

These factors are: 

  • Solar radiation
  • Pollution
  • Tobacco
  • Weather
  • Diet
  • Stress 
  • Lack of sleep

Krutmann J. et al. 2017. The skin aging exposome. J Dematol Sci 85: 152-161

Until relatively recently, solar radiation was given much greater importance than other factors, with damage caused by UV rays being the main cause of premature skin aging (photo-aging). 

However, as a result of these new studies the panorama is beginning to change, with pollution also being considered a key factor. Pollution can come from many sources ranging from gas emissions, traffic, ozone levels to more technological aggressors such as blue light (HEV) emitted by electronic devices such as mobile phone screens, tablets, computers, TV, ...

Just as the long-term effects of solar radiation are linked to an increased risk of skin cancer, scientific evidence has shown that pollution is capable of damaging the skin's main protective shields, barrier function and microbiome, resulting in increased skin sensitivity and aggravation of many related inflammatory conditions.

Therefore, exposure control is a perfect prevention strategy for the promotion of skin health. So in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle, eating fruits and vegetables (rich in antioxidants), exercising, avoiding the sun and tobacco and getting the necessary sleep, the use of specific cosmetics that act as a protective shield against external aggressions, could be part of a very simple strategy to maintain a young and healthy appearance of the skin, regardless of chronological age.


The new generation of multi-functional cosmetics pursues several objectives to achieve healthy and youthful skin at any age:


To be an effective shield against exposome, which reinforces the barrier function and the microbiome of the skin


Acting on the molecular indicators of aging, to slow down and try to erase some of the visible signs of aging


Acting on the most emotional part by making you "feel good" and dreaming about the results.

All of this is important for our general well-being and that of our skin, which translates into a better appearance (health) and a more rejuvenated look. 

A truthful reflection of this new vision is the HealthyAging + line from Babe laboratories.

A dermo-cosmetic line, based on science, made up of 5 products that cover the fundamental needs of any person at any age. Healthyaging+ is capable of protecting, transforming and optimizing the appearance of our skin, providing a young and healthy appearance, regardless of chronological age.

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