Health for your skin

During these days, don't forget to keep taking care of your skin


The current situation forces us to spend more time at home these days. Closed and dry environments, together with more frequent hand washing than usual with soaps and products with high alcohol content, increase the dryness and irritation of our skin.

For this reason, at Laboratorios BABÉ, we continue working in order to offer you the essential products that you must take into account to make your skin care more extreme these days than ever.

Keeping your body and face hydrated and nourished are essential at this time, as we spend more time in closed environments, with the heating on and no outgoings, factors that increase the dryness of our skin. We suggest you take advantage of these days when we spend more time at home to care for and protect your skin.

We are pretty sure your skin will appreciate it!

Intensive daily hygiene

It is necessary to extreme the hygiene of our body and hands in a frequent way and with specific products to avoid the risk of contagion and the spread of infections.

To do this we recommend using daily hygiene products such as our Dermaseptic Soap. This product acts against the proliferation of microorganisms and is therefore perfect for reinforcing the skin barrier. In addition, it is enriched with Moisturizing Complexes that reduce skin dryness.

Do not forget your hands

The great forgotten ones, our hands!

Don't forget that they are as important as our face's skin can be. They are one of the parts of our body that ages fastest due to daily overexposure and the little attention we pay to them.

BABÉ Repairing Hand Cream is essential for perfect hands.

Moisturize your body

A well hydrated body is necessary in any situation, but these days it is very important to do it in a conscious way to avoid the irritation that soaps can cause, as well as the tightness that ingredients like alcohol leave on our skin. A good solution is to hydrate our body after a shower or bath with a repairing cream that provides intense and prolonged hydration. The best option without a doubt is our Urea 10% Repair Lotion.

If you prefer something lighter on your skin, but need to feel hydrated, try our Aloe Vera, a refreshing gel with a small alcohol content that not only moisturizes and prevents, but also provides an immediate feeling of wellbeing without the annoying sticky finish.

For your face: maximum hydration and protection

There are times when our daily facial care should not be so intensive, but that is not the case these days.

The number of days we spend indoors, the heating... all of this causes a lot of dryness in our face that demands solutions like BABÉ's Protective Hydronutritive SPF 20.

A cream that not only hydrates and repairs, but also recovers the loss of nutrients and water.

We hope that these tips will help you to take care of your skin during these days, meanwhile, we keep working to offer you the best products.

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