Health for your skin

What is Syndet Hygiene?


It is likely that you have already heard of the word Syndet. What is Syndet? Syndet refers to Synthetic Detergent and refers to cosmetic soaps made with surfactant synthetic detergents. If you still can't understand the term Syndet, don't worry, we explain it very easily.

Syndet or soap without soap

That's how it is. The term Syndet refers to soap without soap. And now you are surely wondering how it is possible that a soap that does not contain soap can be called that, right? Well yes, it is possible. Syndet soaps or soap-free cleaners are much gentler and more respectful cleaning products than the traditional gels or soaps that we use to clean our body, hands or face. Syndet soaps respect the lipid layer of the skin, preventing it from being damaged with the daily use of products. It is mainly for this reason that soaps without soap or Syndet are especially indicated for sensitive skin or those with a tendency to become irritated.

Does Syndet soap clean the skin?

Yes, Syndet soaps perfectly clean the skin and the term used to describe them "soap without soap" should not be confusing. Traditional shower gels or soaps remove dirt, but they also contain alkaline substances that alter the natural pH of our skin. Syndet soaps have a pH more in line with that of the skin –between 5 and 7–, and offer a much gentler and more respectful hygiene, avoiding irritations. Its main function is the same as that of a traditional soap and we can assure you that they fulfill it perfectly.

Respect for the skin.

If Syndet soaps fulfill their function of cleaning the skin perfectly, it is clear that their greatest advantage is the respect they offer our skin, being suitable for all types of skin, especially the most sensitive.

Oil Soap BABÉ.

One of the most respectful options for your daily shower or bath is Oil Soap, the BABÉ Oil Soap. A Syndet product that is also formulated with more than 40% emollient oils of vegetable origin that deeply cleanse and nourish the skin.

Although Oil Soap is especially suitable for those with sensitive, dry or atopic prone skin, it is a shower gel suitable for all skin types.

Its oil texture makes it a very pleasant product to use, which hydrates the skin from the bath.