How to take care of your skin from the inside


Normally we tend to think that skin care only falls on the part that we control externally, linked to the products that help us keep it clean, hydrated, nourished..And although this is partly true, we must not forget that it is important also take care of it from within. Dermo-cosmetic products provide infinite care and benefits to our skin, but we cannot leave everything in their hands. These work in the most superficial layers and the ideal thing would also be to reach the deepest ones, just where cosmetics do not reach.

A healthy skin is a beautiful skin, therefore, from BABÉ we suggest you take care of your skin inside and out. Not only with the best products, but also with the best daily habits. Do you dare to try it? I 

"Healthy skin is beautiful skin"

Drink a lot of water

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends drinking at least two liters of water a day. It may seem impossible, but if we begin to include this habit in our daily routine, our skin will thank us and we will notice it on the outside. Drinking water keeps skin hydrated because water acts as a moisturizer from the inside out. It provides our skin with elasticity, eliminates toxins that cause problems such as cellulite, varicose veins or acne, and improves blood circulation among many other benefits. Are you still thinking about it?

Exercise daily

Playing sports in general is good for you, but when we talk about our skin, sport is one of the factors that will make it look much more beautiful and, above all, healthy. Performing moderate exercise daily stimulates blood circulation, providing the body with oxygen and nutrients that will give our skin luminosity and shine.

In addition, the sweating caused by the physical effort that we carry out with sports, favors the increase in body temperature and will cause us to eliminate dirt and with it, blackheads and impurities. Finally, sport will make us consume energy and reduce stress, so we will sleep better and stimulate skin cell regeneration.

Protect yourself from the sun

It is essential to protect yourself from the sun's rays on a daily basis, 365 days a year, not only when we go to the beach or the pool, or in the summer months. Solar radiation and currently, radiation caused by electronic devices, is one of the main causes of skin aging. Include a good sunscreen in your daily skin care routine to prevent aging and its most common visible signs such as wrinkles, blemishes or sagging.

Use products that respect your skin

Finally, help your skin to be totally healthy with specific products according to your needs. We recommend that you choose products that respect your skin and offer you the best care, both for your face, body, hair or hands.

We are sure that with these recommendations your skin will be healthy inside and out.