Oil Soap

Emollient Hygiene

Oil Soap BABÉ does not contain water in its formula, which makes it a very respectful product with the natural balance of the skin. An Oil Soap that cleans without drying thanks to its concentrated formula with more than 40% emollient oils of vegetable origin that gently cleanse and deeply nourish.

Bam to oil

Cuidado Emoliente

Its oil-rich formula, enriched with prebiotic and probiotic active ingredients, deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin, reinforcing the barrier function and preventing water loss and dryness.
Its innovative cream texture that transforms into oil when it gets in contact with the skin, offers a unique use experience.

Needs for your skin

Atopic Prone Skin

What is atopic dermatitis and how can it be treated? Did you know that around 15% of children and 3% of adults are affected by this pathology?

Discover tips to increase your quality of life.

SOS Shooting Spray

Rescue Action

Its high content of oils, soothing active ingredients, prebiotics and probiotics, restore the skin barrier, reduces inflammation and maintains the hydration and elasticity of irritated or atopic-prone skin.
Its innovative anti-drip application technology allows the product to be sprayed onto the skin, creating a film and without the need to rub the affected area.

Treatment for very dry skin
or atopic prone skin

1. Hygiene

Gently cleanses, softens and deeply hydrate the skin.

2. Hydration

Nourishes, repairs and soothes dry and/or sensitive skin, providing immediate comfort.

3. Rescue Action

Soothes discomfort, tightness and itching in a single gesture. 


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