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Everything you need to know about Vitamin C and why you should start using it now


When summer arrives, the first thing that comes to mind (apart from the pool and the beach) is the appearance of spots on the skin. To avoid this, we know that our infallible product will be a good photoprotector, but we cannot forget the famous vitamin C.

Vitamin C has multiple benefits for the skin, among which are giving the face luminosity, ensuring a "good face" effect, unifying the tone and reducing blemishes; promoting collagen synthesis and helping to prevent photo-aging, in addition to being a great antioxidant.

Among all the benefits mentioned above, it is worth noting that vitamin C plays a fundamental role in the appearance of spots on the skin. This asset acts as a prevention, but also as a corrective once they are present. In fact, in the absence of sun exposure, vitamin C reduces melanin while, when exposed, it helps in regulating its production.

We have also heard that it is photosensitive and therefore incompatible with the sun. However, the latter is not entirely true as it will depend on your pH. There are products formulated with an acid pH (around 3.5) to stabilize this active ingredient and this is precisely why it is not recommended if there is sun exposure, as it will exert a certain exfoliant effect on our skin.

Therefore, if we use vitamin C when we are exposed to the sun, it will be necessary to choose those products that have been formulated with a non-acidic pH. It is true that this information does not always appear on the product's packaging, so if we want to know it, the easiest option is to make inquiries by mail to the manufacturer.

The use of formulas with a non-acidic pH, will allow the use of products with vitamin C at any time of the day, as well as the year (summer included!). Above all, it is interesting to use it in the morning because, thanks to its antioxidant power, it will act as a shield against the exposoma, that is, against all the aggressions to which we are exposed (solar radiation, pollution, tobacco...) that will trigger damage in our body.

At Laboratorios Babé, we offer a wide range of products with all the potential that vitamin C can provide.

Vitamin C+ Ampoules

These lightweight, fast-absorbing Vitamin C+ ampoules will give your skin a brighter, smoother and more even tone, promoting a more youthful appearance. Its stable formula (stabilized vitamin C + pH 7.5) stands out with active ingredients such as:

Stable 10% vitamin C that has an antioxidant, reaffirming and lightening action on the skin.

Licorice extract helps to lighten blemishes and illuminate the skin, as well as helping to soothe the skin.

Natural Moisturizing Complex that promotes a 24-hour moisturizing effect (scientifically proven).

HealthyAging+ NEW!

HealthyAging+ is the new multi-action solution from BABÉ Laboratories to combat the effects of exposure and maintain vital, healthy skin at any age.

As we have seen, vitamin C is a powerful multi-action active ingredient that could not be missing from all the products in this new line:

Multi Rejuvenator / Revitalizing Booster

Multi Protective SPF30 / Day cream

Multi Repair / Renewal night cream

Multi Corrector / Eye and lip tensor

Multi Action / Cream for mature skin

Are you still thinking in incorporating this super vitamin into your daily routine? As you can see, using it in the summer is totally reliable and above all very suitable because it is not only a powerful antioxidant vitamin, but also prevents the appearance of spots on the skin. But remember that this does not exclude having to use daily sunscreen to be protected against the sun's rays!

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