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How do I get the Vitamin D I need these days?


Although this was a question few people thought about at the beginning of the quarantine, many people are asking themselves how the confinement affects in the lack of Vitamin D in our body.

As most people know, Vitamin D has its best source in the sun and during the current situation where we are continuously in closed spaces and with little exposure to natural sunlight, the levels of this famous vitamin are greatly reduced. Should we be concerned about the lack of Vitamin D? How do we solve it if we cannot leave the house? Here at Laboratorios BABÉ we offer you a few recommendations to get the Vitamin D your body needs without having to leave the house.

1. Make the most of the hours of sunshine

Our body synthesizes the Vitamin D necessary for our organism partly thanks to solar radiation and although making the most of the sun these days seems an illogical statement because we cannot go out in the street, we must take it into account. It is enough to expose yourself to the sun 2-3 days a week for 15 minutes between 12 and 4 pm.

Now that it is not possible to go out for a walk or to practice outdoor sports, the experts recommend using the balconies and terraces for sun exposure. If they are not available, it will be enough to open the window so that the solar radiation reaches our face and arms, this would be enough to obtain the dose of Vitamin D necessary for our organism.

2. Pay attention to your diet

Although the synthesis of Vitamin D requires the sun's rays, we can also obtain a part of this vitamin through the foods we eat. Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna or sardines are an essential source of Vitamin D. Likewise, egg yolk, beef and whole milk products are also a good option to achieve the vitamin intake that compensates the lack of sun.

A diet rich in these foods, as well as fruits and vegetables, is the best option for getting the necessary vitamins, as well as a healthy and strong organism.

3. Always protect your skin

Although the sun is necessary for our organism, at Laboratorios BABÉ we would like to remind you that direct exposure to the sun also causes lesions to our skin, which is why we recommend protecting it with specific products. Apply sunscreen to the parts of the body exposed to the sun and do not forget to reapply it from time to time if you are going to make a longer exposure. Consult our solar line here with options for different types of skin and parts of the body, as well as the needs you have.

While we stay at home to enjoy the sun on a regular basis, we hope this article will help you solve your doubts about the lack of Vitamin D these days.