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Oily or Prone Acne Skin


Acne is a skin condition that occurs when these two problems occur at the same time: on one hand, the sebaceous gland produces a excess of fat and, on the other hand, there is an obstruction of the surface holes of the skin, the ones are called pores. This fact triggers an inflammation of the pore by accumulation of fat inside, even being able to reach an infection of the same.

In the cases where clogging of the pores does not occur, excess sebum can exit producing the dreaded facial shine. This is the case of what is considered oily skin. In these situations, an inflammatory lesion may also appear occasionally.

Why does acne appears?

Internal factors:

  • Hormonal alterations in which there is an increase in the level of androgens (eg puberty or pregnancy).
  • Genetic causes: have an oily skin.
  • Other pathologies: endocrine disorders, tumors ...

External factors:

  • Incorrect hygiene (causing sebaceous retention in the skin).
  • Extreme weather conditions.
  • Stress.
  • Medications: barbiturates, anabolics ...

How should we act in order to avoid an oily or acneic skin?

The BABÉ Stop AKN line is formulated with Cytobiol Iris (Iris Extract, Zinc Sulfate and Vitamin A), which reduces inflammation, is antibacterial, regulates fat production and has a healing effect; with Zinc PCA, which prevents the formation of fat from the beginning; and with Salicylic Acid, which performs a chemical peeling effect to remove excess layers of theskin and unclog pores.

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