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Quarantined new moms: all you need to know about baby skin care


We know that during the health alarm situation we are experiencing, accessing an expert opinion is by no means easy. Many mothers-to-be, especially those who are facing motherhood for the first time, have had their birth preparation sessions, breastfeeding workshops and baby care sessions, among others, cancelled. We are aware that first-time mothers are a sea of doubts, not only before giving birth, but also once the baby is home. From Laboratorios Babé we have prepared a few tips that can help moms solve some doubts regarding baby's skin care, especially when small skin conditions arise which, although far from being worrying, should be cared for with specific products that will immediately solve the problem. We hope they help!

1. Is it necessary to bathe my baby every day?

You must be clear that daily hygiene for your baby is fundamental. It is not necessary to bathe your baby every day, although if we wanted to do so there would be no problem. More important than the frequency of baths is the quality of these. We can bathe the baby every day if we use specific products for baby hygiene that are respectful of the Ph of the skin and that reinforce its natural protection. For this we recommend BABÉ's Pediatric Hygiene line, formulated with the Baby-Care BABÉ Complex, with natural extracts of Calendula, Mimosa and Aloe Vera, which calm and soften their skin.

We also remind you that bath time is the perfect time to bond with your baby, unique moments that you are sure to want to repeat every day!

2. As with adults, moisturising is essential

Children's skin is more delicate, fragile and sensitive than that of adults, so it is necessary to care for it and moisturize it. Newborns do not have a functionally developed sweating activity, nor do they have a fully developed immune system, factors that make the baby's skin incapable of exercising an adequate protective function, more vulnerable to solar radiation and external aggressions, and it also dehydrates more easily. 

For their hydration, it is essential to have specific products for both the face, such as the Pediatric Facial Moisturizer, and the body with the Pediatric Body Moisturizer Milk. Of course, we must not forget that on your first walks outside we must use a moisturizer that has sun protection. For this we recommend the Pediatric Facial Moisturizer SPF 30.

3. To take into account: common infant skin conditions

There are certain dermatopathologies associated with this stage of life that are very common, such as the appearance of cradle cap on the scalp or diaper dermatitis.

Cradle cap is a scaly rash that appears occasionally on a baby's scalp. Its treatment is very simple, just use BABÉ Cradle Cap Shampoo, a mild shampoo that helps regulate the production of sebum in the scalp and eliminate the flaking.

Diaper rash is a common condition that can cause baby's skin to be sore, red, flaky and painful specifically in the area of skin covered by the baby's diaper. Laboratorios Babé recommends the new Nappy Rash Cream , a product with 7 actions to help fight all the triggers To clean the baby's bottom we can use a Dermo-Cleansing Micellar Water that allows a soft cleaning of the skin, in just one gesture and without rinsing. Perfect for the most sensitive and irritated skin.

We hope that these tips for baby skin care are useful, especially now that it is more complicated to access an expert opinion. If you need more information, we encourage you to learn about our entire pediatric line and each of its products by clicking here.

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