Take note of this activity for quarantine: cleaning and organization of cosmetic products


There are no more excuses for you to don’t do what you should have done a long time ago... clean up your entire cosmetic arsenal! This confinement is doing us a lot of good to do all the things that we couldn't do before or that we found difficult due to lack of time: sport, reading, painting, cooking... even thorough cleaning. Therefore, within this last activity, we propose you to put your cosmetic corner in order. Surely you keep products that are no longer useful because you have new needs or even have expired. In this article we tell you how to carry out a good cleaning and reorganization of cosmetic products and what important aspects you should take into account.

Don't forget, cosmetics expire

Some of them have a longer life span than others, such as make-up products like blush, shadows or lipsticks, however, serums and creams expire earlier and this needs to be taken into account. To do this, look at the PAO (period after opening), which is indicated on each cosmetic by the drawing of an open bottle together with a number and the letter M. The PAO indicates how many months you can use the product once it has been opened.

It is sometimes difficult to remember when we first opened a product, so if you consider that you have it for a long time, we advise you to throw it away. Most products have a shelf life of approximately one year. If you buy new products always consider taking into account their expiration date to obtain maximum effectiveness.

Make a cleaning according to current needs

The skin changes and with it its care needs, so you are sure to have products in your cosmetic drawer that no longer serve your current requirements. As we have mentioned before, first of all, make sure they are not out of date. If they are not expired, do not throw them away, finish those that can serve you and avoid buying new ones. The rest, as long as they are products in spray format, dispenser or individual ampoules, you can give them to friends or family.

Sort and organize according to use

Once you have selected the cosmetics that will still be with you, think about their uses so that you can give them a place and order. We propose you to have your facial routine of cleaning, treatment in ampoules or serums, hydration and sunscreen near where you carry out this activity. Place each product according to its order of application and this way it will be more comfortable and quicker to take care of your skin daily without being lazy.

Keep your makeup in a clean and spacious vanity case so that you can easily find the products and don't forget to disinfect your brushes often. Do the same with cosmetic products for body and hair care; put on the bath gels, exfoliants, campus and masks you use and keep or remove anything that does not serve you in your daily hygiene.

Taking advantage of this time to carry out this activity of cleaning products is a way to know which products we need and which ones do not work for us, so the next time we buy some cosmetics we will have more in mind what our skin needs.

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