Health for your skin

These days, don't forget to take care of your hair to make it look healthy


It is possible that this season, when we are spending more time at home, we have experienced some changes in our hair. The confinement and the few outings are leaving their consequences and as insignificant as they may seem we must pay attention to them. We talked a few weeks ago about how being indoors for so long could affect our skin with the appearance of acne breakouts and even dryness, so in this article we analyze the changes that our hair can be suffering and we give you some tips to take care of the skin of the scalp, which is responsible of how your hair looks.

1. Pay attention to hygienic changes

Being at home longer may have caused us to increase the period between washings as our hair does not need to be perfect. Reducing the number of daily washes has a positive effect and is that the scalp will regain its natural microbiome and pH. However, our hair may look flatter and thinner and we may experience the appearance of dandruff. To avoid this last condition we recommend washing your hair with the Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

2. Use products that do not dry it out

Being in enclosed spaces on a continuous basis not only affects the skin on the face and body. Our hair can also become dry. Therefore, wash it with an Extra Mild Shampoo and let it air dry.

If you used to iron or curl your hair with instruments such as irons or curling irons, it's a good time not to use them; the heat will dry it out and your hair will appreciate a break. Avoid hairspray and hair gel, take advantage of this time to give your hair a break.

3. Massage and brush it every night

It may sound topical, but gently massaging the scalp with your fingertips and brushing your hair before bed will help your hair to look healthy. 

Brushing removes waste, improves circulation and promotes hair regeneration. In addition to this, avoid always wearing it tied up, we must let the hair be loose to promote circulation and not damage it because it could end up breaking.

Just to end up with these hair tips, take advantage of the fact that you have more time for yourself to spend on your scalp and hair. Wash them well and take care of them so that they always look healthy. You can use a repair mask and apply a hot towel for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly, and you'll have perfect hair!

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