Health for your skin

Treatment for facial irritation from the use of masks and protective equipment


Masks have become one of the most sought-after items at the moment. Almost impossible to find on sale, these protection objects are one of the most necessary elements for all those people, who daily, are in the front line of the fight against the Covid-19, from sanitary and pharmaceutical personnel, through supermarkets and food stores, cleaning workers, delivery men, transporters... and a large number of professionals who are still at the foot of the barrel these days.

However, the masks and personal protective equipment worn by health workers are causing the skin of the people who wear them to suffer from various conditions that make their work even more difficult. Dryness, irritation, tightness, chafing... are some of the problems they are suffering from due to the continuous use of masks.

For this reason, at Laboratorios BABÉ we join in the applause for all the professionals who go out to cover their jobs every day and we recommend some simple guidelines to combat the consequences of the continuous use of masks.

As we know, it is essential to maintain a daily facial cleanliness, both during the day and at night. To do this, if you use a sanitary mask daily for many hours because of your profession, clean your face with micellar water instead of using soap and water. The new formula from BABÉ Laboratories, with a prebiotic active ingredient, moisturises, refreshes and soothes. Before going to bed, a couple of times a week, you can also apply a moisturising and repairing solution, such as BICALM+ ampoules, which are especially recommended in cases of skin disorders. They will soothe and calm the skin of the face and help it repair itself more quickly.

On a daily basis and to combat dryness, irritation and tightness in the area where masks and goggles are worn, it is important to use a hydronourishing cream as the skin does not sweat as it normally would. It will be enough to apply it before and after its use to hydrate the area and recover the nutrients and water the skin needs.

Another problem reported by the toilets these days has been the scratches caused by the masks and goggles, both in the back of the ears, and in the front and nose. For the most sensitive areas such as the ears, a good remedy is to apply a regenerating oil rich in Rosehip, which will allow the areas most affected by chafing to be repaired. For the lips and perinasal area it is convenient to apply frequently a repairing cream that nourishes and repairs that area.

We hope that these tips will be a small help to alleviate the consequences caused by elements so necessary these days as are the masks and goggles. At BABÉ we want to give you all our support and encouragement!