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Why am I getting more pimples these days? We tell you why and how to solve it


One of the most frequent questions these days is the one formulated to find answers to the granite outbreaks that many people are suffering during quarantine. It seems untrue, many people think, that now that we hardly use make-up and are less exposed to external aggressions, we are suffering from outbreaks of acne, dry skin and other skin conditions. It is true that we are avoiding some things that would negatively affect our skin, but confinement due to Covid-19 also causes certain factors to cause lesions on our skin.

You could say that we are more relaxed than ever, but the truth is that the situation of uncertainty and isolation can cause stress that manifests itself in our skin with outbreaks of acne. These days we cook more foods rich in sugars, such as homemade sweets, and due to the confinement our skin does not get the properties and vitamins provided by the sun, which makes our skin suffer and reflect conditions that we cannot let go.

At Laboratorios BABÉ we propose several simple and quick steps to apply so that the time we spend inside our homes does not affect our skin.

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly morning and night

It's important to take our skin care seriously at all times and not get carried away by the feeling that our skin is clean because we haven't left the house. Cleanliness when we get up and go to bed is vital to keep our skin clean and healthy. For oily or acne-prone skin, we recommend cleaning your face with a Purifying Cleanser that removes impurities and excess oil. If your skin is dry, it is better to clean it with a Micellar Water with prebiotic active that will calm and moisturize the skin.

2. Nourish and repair your skin

After proper cleansing, we recommend specific products that help soothe and repair the skin. Our skin also needs a rest, so we can use a solution in ampoules, such as BICALM+ ampoules, which calm, relieve and repair especially when we suffer from skin alterations.

3. After cleaning and blistering, moisturizing

Don't make the mistake of thinking that any cream will negatively affect the pimples that have appeared these days. The skin needs to be hydrated and if we leave this step aside we will be making a mistake. If you suffer from an acne or have oily skin, bet on the Mattifying Moisturizer with sebum-regulating action. For the most dry skin, the Hydro 24h light texture SPF 20 will provide the hydration that your skin needs with a pleasant feeling of freshness.

4. Treat pimples with specific products

It is advisable not to touch our face excessively; unconsciously and due to the time we spend at home we manipulate our face causing skin inflammation and lesions that are difficult to treat. Apply a Spot Control Gel on the localized pimples in order to treat them and favor their healing.

We hope this quick and easy 4 step routine will help improve the condition of your skin these days. Don't forget that following a daily care of the face is the best option to show a healthy skin.

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